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Mana Whenua | Taku Kai, Taku Oranga

This exhibition was held in 2014 at the Aratoi Museum of Art and History, in Masterton. It had always been a dream of mine to bring my work back home. Many of my Whanau who had attended had never seen my artworks up close so it was a real celebration. I was very proud to have my work on show, sharing in this special moment with my Whanau and friends.

Thanks to funding from Creative NZ, I was able to hold a Maori crafts workshop for the tamariki which included things such as tamoko, poi making, harakeke weaving, paper crafts, colouring-in etc. I'd like to sincerely thank members of my Whanau who helped to run the craft sections during the opening day - arohanui ki a koutou. Also, a special thank you to Edith Rolls, Lianne Rimene-Henare and Joanne Graham for supplying the flax and running the weaving workshop. It was a great day which I'll cherish and remember always.

Mana Wahine

In 2012 I returned to NZ having relocated from Australia. I was very keen to get a body of work together, hold an exhibition, and basically start developing my art career here in NZ. I felt such newby to the NZ art scene and so I wanted to get my work out there as soon as possible. The Digital Dark Room gave me that opporunity and my first show in NZ was held at this great venue.

The very first digital image I created when I was teaching myself graphic illustration back in 2006 was Mana Wahine, which I used as my exhibition image. I was pregnant at the time with my son, Murphy, and I thought it was not only appropriate, but symbolic in terms of my first NZ solo exhibition ... the birth of my NZ art career so to speak. Many, if not all, of these works pay tribute to women because Mana Wahine is a concept that expresses the female energies and potential. There was a real sense of coming home here. Having lived in Australia for 14 years, I had missed out on a lot of what was going on in NZ. It took me a little while to get back into the swing of kiwi life again. I wanted to create a series of work that described how I felt about being home, artwork with a lot of soul that came from the heart.