NEWS - MAY 2019

Wananga in Turangi
Wiremu NiaNia

What a privilege to be able to meet with Wiremu and attend one of his Wananga. My hope is to discover new understanding of Wairua, to bring refreshed insight to my mahi so that I can help inspire others on the path of well-being
Wiremu NiaNia
image ref: copyright Wiremu NiaNia

Tips & Tricks
Mana Wahine Embosser

I'm always looking for new and affordable ways to enhance my mahi ... because as a practising artist, I do everything in terms of the ins and outs of my art journey/business. I often have to think outside the box when I need to work within a budget. An embosser adds that premium look to my prints and packaging. There's a lot more energy spent on creating them by hand, but it saves money in the long run because I can make them when I need to and use different mediums. Jason at
MasterEmbosser via Etsy did a beautiful job with my Mana Wahine symbol. And he's such a lovely person to communicate with to... makes all the difference
image ref: copyright B.WAIPUKAart

Inspirational Korero
Makuini Ruth Tai

Waka Huia - Karanga: The First Voice, Series 2 Episode 3
greenplanetfm - Makuini Ruth Tai, Decodes REO, Maori Language in Esoteric Terms, An Illuminating Disclosure! Interview with Tim Lynch
Makuini Ruth Tai
image ref: Waka Huia

E Tu Whanau
E Tu Whanau

Proud and privileged to be one of the Judges in this year's competition. There are some beautiful entries so far with some lovely korero behind them
Poster Gallery
Facebook - E Tu Whanau
image ref: E Tu Whanau

Mother's Day
Cherilee Fuller Photography

Cherrilee Fuller - Taiao Photography. Mother's Day has been pretty relaxed so far ... even though the weather is quite paru. But on the upside, I found these two beautiful pikitia's at the Waipu Market today by the lovely and very talented Cherrilee Fuller - Taiao Photography. Her mahi is stunning and they have such a lovely ahua about them. I snapped these up before anyone else could get hold of them
image ref: Copyright Cherrilee Fuller

SRW T-shirt Hoodies
SRW Apparel

Coming Soon! Strong Resilient Wahine ... is a conscious initiative to empower Wahine to stand in their own mana and self-worth ... to feel proud of who we are and to walk tall in our own body and space. It's also about uplifting our Rangatahi. This is a non-profit venture with proceeds going straight back into supporting the initiative. A webpage with details and availability will be created soon. Printing is already underway and the first batch of T-shirt Hoodies will hopefully be here in the next couple of weeks or so

Owairaka Artworks
Owairaka Artworks

New artworks inspired by my son's Kapa haka ropu - Mt Albert Grammar. There is a lot of layers to these taonga which you can read here at Owairaka-Wahine. I will soon have four A5 framed test prints for sale, which will be part of a fundraiser to help tautoko students who are involved with the Nga Manu Korero 2019 - secondary school speech comps. Updates on where, when and how soon. Nga Manu Korero 2019


Karakia for this month... Stitch the celestial energies. To the terrestrial energies, within, and without. Bind the kinship strands of humanity. Permanent, consistent are the fibres of light. Draw these matters to a single point and give them substance. The wisdom is bound, it collects. It is held