So What's it all about? ...
SRW is a conscious initiative to empower Wahine to stand in their own mana and self-worth - in other words, working towards raising the feminine vibration in Aotearoa, with particular emphasis on our younger generation. My hope is to encourage a collective sisterhood by inspiring each of us to feel proud of who we are as women, so that we may always walk tall in our own bodies and space no matter the circumstances. This is a non-profit venture with proceeds going straight back into supporting the initiative.

What's the meaning behind it? ...
The main message in this taonga is definitely about Wahine power potential - recognising and connecting with it on a daily basis. It’s also about pushing my overall kaupapa … what my mahi is saying, which tries to highlight the presence of the Divine Mother and Goddess, both within our community and society as a whole. I explain this in more detail below.

Creative thoughts & ideas ...
The use of words is a direct continuation of the strong message projected by ReclaimYourPower, which brings focus to the values and struggles specific to the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne. Their korero parallels and mirrors much of what our Tupuna have endured in the past, and also outlines some of the challenges many indigenous Wahine still experience today.

Papatuanuku is our Divine Mother, and Hine-nui-te-po, I view, as the Triple Goddess who symbolises the three spiritual stages of the female life cycle - ie. the Morning Maid of light, nurturing Mother of humanity, and the Grandmother of the resting place. In a Maori world, Wahine are seen as the procreators (Whare Tangata) and the vessels of knowledge (Whare Matauranga) ... the primary nurturers with the abilities to nourish, strengthen and influence future generations. These two Atua Wahine feature throughout the many layers of my mahi, and so the same thought processing and intentions that have gone into all of my creations is also imbued within the SRW taonga. Eckhart Tolle helps to describe much of what I’m trying to express when I talk about this thought process …

…’It is easier for a woman to feel and be in her body, so she is naturally closer to Being and potentially closer to enlightenment than a man. This is why many ancient cultures instinctively chose female figures or analogies to represent or describe the formless and transcendental reality. It was often seen as a womb that gives birth to everything in creation and sustains and nourishes it during its life as form. In the Tao Te Ching, one of the most ancient and profound books ever written, the Tao, which could be translated as Being, is described as ‘infinite, eternally present, the mother of the universe’. Naturally, women are closer to it then men since they virtually ‘embody’ the Unmanifested. What is more, all creatures and all things must eventually return to the Source. ‘All things vanish into the Tao. It alone endures’. Since the Source is seen as female, this is represented as the light and dark sides of the archetypal feminine in psychology and mythology. The Goddess or Divine Mother has two aspects: She gives life, and she takes life. When the mind took over and humans lost touch with the reality of their divine essence, they started to think of God as a male figure, Society became male-dominated, and the female was made subordinate to the male.’ Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now; A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Please be aware though that this initiative is an off shoot of my overall mahi, and because it is also a non-profit venture, I won’t always dedicate all of my energies towards investing, marketing or promoting. Any questions, please feel free to get in touch at

'YOU' contribute to making this what it is .. or what it could be, so get on board this waka and wear this taonga with pride Wahine-ma! :)x

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SRW Hoodie

SRW V-Neck T-shirt Hoodie
NZ$59 | Red on Black
Free Post within NZ
Sizes & Availability | 6 in stock:
Measurements are for half chest in cm
size 16 = (47cm) - 6 available