BWAIPUKAart Tamaki Makaurau Tamaki Makaurau A5 Framed

"Tamaki of a thousand lovers" (Makau, often translated as lovers, also translates as favourite and spouse, implying a highly sought target of admiration), a reference to the fertile volcanic soil of Auckland and the positioning between two resource-rich coasts. Wikipedia

Tamaki was visited by many of the important founding canoes, and several different iwi (tribes) have lived on the lands between its two harbours. Some tribes have occupied the area from the earliest times; others came and went, and some amalgamated to form new tribes. Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of NZ

This artwork was a commission created a few years back. My husband's work friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness so his whanau had decided at the time to return home to Australia where he would live out the rest of his time. His NZ work friends wanted to give him something special as a reminder of his stay in Auckland, as he and his wife loved living here so much. They especially enjoyed the harbour scene and living near the water. This is a very special piece of artwork that (at the time of its creation) had a lot of aroha and compassionate thoughts go into it.