BWAIPUKAart Wahine Ataahua - Lei Series BWAIPUKAart Wahine Ataahua - Lei Series

... For mana is the silent force permeating all of nature,
the magnificent energy flowing through all living things.
It can be harnessed and gathered by us to increase our own power -
if only we can find its source.
All living matter is modelled by it.
And we spend our whole lives seeking it as a holy quest -
and our hearts will find no peace until they rest in it,
for it flows from the supreme being.
Once found, the whole world takes on a new splendour.
It becomes a thing of mysterious and sacred significance.
The seed of all things lies buried within us until the gift of mana is offered to it.
A seed regenerates and never dies.
It sprouts and grows again -
and life continues in a never ending cycle.
All our strength and power lies in finding our source of mana.
If we truly find it and recognise its source, it will never cease to flow.
It is an endless channel of blessings …

Ano Ano, The Seed - Kristin Zambucka