SRW - StrongResilientWahine

The intention of the SRW design is to consciously empower Wahine to stand in their own mana and self-worth. It is a non profit initiative that hopes to encourage a collective sisterhood by inspiring each of us to feel proud of who we are as women. Info and purchasing can be found here SRW

NIU Maori Oracle CARDS

The NIU Maori Oracle Cards are only available to purchase through my website. NIU Oracle Cards and Ebook/PDF Flip-book

NIU Maori Oracle EBOOK

The Guide Ebook is separate from the NIU cards and is a FREE download with Apple IBOOKs, however the price for the AMAZON KINDLE verion is currently around $3.50. You will find the links to the Ebook here - NIU Oracle Cards and Ebook. Althernatively, you can also view the guide book as a PDF Flip-book there.

Open Edition Prints

My A2 Open-Edition (Poster) Prints are a great inexpensive alternative to my Limited Editions. Printed on 192GSM Enhanced Matte paper, shipped in a 100mm diameter postal tube. Unfortunately, I have decided to discontinue printing these, however I do have a few still left in stock so please visit here to see whether there are any available - AVAILABLE NOW

Limited Edition Prints

My Giclee Prints are printed on A2 308gsm premium museum quality photographic paper, specifically designed for fine art work. The paper is made from 100% cotton that is acid, lignin and chlorine free with a PH buffering which makes the paper more durable. It features a coating that has been optimised for Epson UltraChrome pigment Inks and has a natural white surface that does not contain any optical brighteners. Giclee is a term used when referring to digital printing by an inkjet printer.

Each Edition is usually limited to 5 - 10 prints only, with the exception of a few artworks being 15. Each Print comes with a certificate of authenticity which has details of the print - the date it was printed, the edition number, and a special serial number which I keep on record.

To keep my costs down and stock on hand to a minimum, I print my larger Editions either on demand or when I am exhibiting, therefore it is not unusually to have an entire edition printed on different dates or signed with an alternate year.

Current stock is available here at AVAILABLE NOW. Please contact me if you wish to know more about my Limited Edition prints at

A5 Prints

My A5 Prints are what I class as my 'test prints'. These are printed prior to producing my high quality limited editions to make sure colours are correct and the printer is doing what it's suppose to do. My Epson printer can be quite temperamental at times, especially when I haven't used it in a while, so I aim to make fewer mistakes as possible as the paper is very expensive and sometimes hard to source.

Some of my A5 framed prints are available here at AVAILABLE NOW

Caring for your Print

Do not attempt to touch your print at any time, especially with your fingers as oil residue will likely damage and stain the ink.

Cockling is a term used when paper becomes wavy or a rippling pattern emerges. This is caused by humidity or exposure to moisture which expands the paper and then dehydration contracts it. Cotton rag is susceptible to this occurrence because of its natural fibrous properties, therefore take extra care to place this type of print preferably in a humidity free environment.

Harsh lighting with ultraviolet radiation can also cause damage by way of fading and yellowing. Fluorescent and sun light are the most harmful. Please place the artwork so that the most direct morning or afternoon light is avoided.


All prices include GST.

All payments are via PAYPAL or New Zealand Bank Deposit. Please be aware that Bank Deposits are a longer process as I will need to issue an invoice. Please email me at with your NAME and ADDRESS. Your details are kept strictly confidential and only used for purchasing/invoicing purposes.

Packaging & Postal Tubes

When posting, each print is placed inside an archival plastic sleeve, loosely rolled inside a tough custom made 215mm x 550mm x 215mm box. Please contact me if you wish to know more about how I package my Limited Edition prints at

All poster prints are rolled inside a 100mm diameter postal tube. Length is either 650mm (rolled long edge), or 450mm (rolled short end).

All FRAMED ARTWORK is packed by me, wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside a custom cardboard casing.

All NIU Maori Oracle cards are posted in an A5 bubble envelope for NZ, or A4 for International postage.


My preference for posting large FRAMED ARTWORKS is via within NZ only. For small FRAMED ARTWORKS either PACKSEND or NZPost (Courier Signature) within NZ only.

For Rural deliveries, Courier Signature packages will go to the nearest NZPost Shop where they will notify you by placing a notice in the letterbox when your package has arrived at their store. You will then need to collect it. This is NZPost's standard procedure.

All other Shipping is via NZPOST. Tracking numbers will be supplied and emailed to you as soon as the item has been processed by NZPOST. All International postage is via International Courier which requires a signature upon delivery.

NZ delivery times for TRACKED and COURIER SIGNATURE is usually between 2 - 3 days.

Australia delivery for INTERNATIONAL COURIER (signature) is usually between 2 - 6 days.

All other countries please get in touch at

Returns & Refunds

If purchased through my studio or website - a fee will be charged for opened items. Depending on the condition of the item/artwork and the reason why you would like to return it, the remaining amount can be discussed. However, a full refund (excluding original postage and packaging costs) will be issued on receipt of goods in original, unopened and undamaged condition. This does not include return postage fees. Please contact me within 7 days of receiving your item/s at, or the mobile number given on your confirmation of purchase email.

Purchases made through PAYPAL will be refunded via PAYPAL..

For Courier Signature, please do not sign for your parcel if there is clear damage to the package. Contact me immediately if this should happen.

For Track and Trace, please take photos of your damaged package and also contact me as soon as possible.

All artworks and items are personally packed by me, the artist, and leaves my studio in perfect undamaged condition.


The printer I use is an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 A2 printer. Although quite slow (takes about 8 minutes per print) it produces amazing rich vibrant colours.

Here's Epson's description of this great printer... Epson UltraChrome K3 with Vivid Magenta Ink Technology is a professional, 8-color ink set with advanced magenta pigments that provide more dramatic blues and violets for an impressive color gamut. Its three-level black technology delivers richer blacks, outstanding tonal range and an unprecedented gray balance, all of which ensure outstanding black-and-white prints. Built on Epson's heritage of professional ink technology, this pigment ink set offers instant color stability. Colors stay consistent, whether viewed right out of the printer or decades later. With Epson UltraChrome K3 with Vivid Magenta, you get print quality and longevity that satisfies the most demanding professional.

Aritist's Studio | Gallery

My artist's studio is situated in the small village of Waipu (Northland). I am not currently open to the public, however during special art festivals or by special request, or invitiation, I may open my studio up for viewing.

B.WAIPUKAart Website

My website is designed, run and updated by me. Not all of my artworks are on show here, especially my paintings, sketches and other graphic prints, however I do have a variety of these artworks on display in my Waipu studio which can be viewed during special opennings. I try my best to update my website on a regular basis, but because my creative mahi is only a part-time venture, and due to whānau commitments, I can only achieve what my energies and time allow.

Where to buy my Work

When I am exhibiting or have work available to purchase I will list them here at AVAILABLE NOW, or sometimes I will upload sale items to my FACEBOOK PAGE.

Unfortunately, I no longer supply artworks to Kura Galleries.